About Us

Chairman Letter

Thank you for your interest in JAC for home appliances, and welcome to our website.

JAC has succeeded over the years to reach a great reputation through the products and services offered that are of high quality, flexibility and durability. And the primary factor for this achievement is commitment to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our business still is growing everyday and we remain devoted to our philosophy of producing high quality products according to the highest international standards. While gaining the trust and respect of our clients, we keep investing in our human capital, constantly training them to be always ready and able to adapt to the everyday changes that affects our market and community, preparing them to work under difficult and demanding conditions, united with one mission in mind which is the continuity of our operations.

JAC has a key role in the electrical household appliances industry in the region and we have ambitious plans to grow amidst competitive markets through manufacturing and developing the best electrical appliances. JAC will continue to retain the prestige and reputation we have gained and strengthen it through the development of this company while gaining success in all aspects of our business.

Whether you are a current or a soon-to-be client, your support is highly appreciated, motivating us to continue our quest to grow and be part of the development of electrical household appliances industry.

Farag Nafea 

Our History


Within the year of 1990, Nafea Group had introduced to the market a range of high quality electric home appliances. Nafea Group presented the top of the line conventional television sets & succeeded to gain a significant market share in just two years. JAC reached tremendous success through the years after gaining a significant market share in all product range.


Due to the importance of building strong relation with its consumer, Nafea Group opened retail outlets in different location in Greater Cairo to give better service to its consumers.


The success that Nafea Group was not possible only providing great products to the market but also by offering an after sales services that cover its consumers from all over Egypt. Nafea Group succeeds to serve its consumer through service centers that exceed 120 service centers all over Egypt.

With the continuing yet stable growth, this success war reached by the effort of the powerful dedicated team that exceeds 500 employees who are committed to the clear vision of the founders to provide the best service for its stakeholders.

Today Nafea Group products are available in more than 1000 outlet stores all over Egypt and expanding day by day in order to offer the best service to our consumers.

  • Values
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Progress
  • Prosperity
  • Excellence


All employees are part of a dynamic process, with complementary backgrounds and skills, planning for new ways to provide high quality services which is essential for competing in today’s global arena, where individual perfection is not as desirable as a high level of collective performance.

Progress, Development & Excellence

What makes our business work is the professional and practical sense that can make our products unique and original. We succeed because we believe in ourselves and focus in on our own uniqueness rather than trying to be like others. Our short but successful history gives us confidence and hope to reaching what we aim for.

Integrity & Honor

One of the most important ways we manifest integrity is our loyalty to those who are not present. So, we build the trust of those who are present. Our loyalty to our customers is a part of your personality. Our clients respect our work, and we work hard to earn their trust.

Diffusion of Technology & Prosperity

We always have something to entertain ourselves and know how to have fun and be happy in our working and developing hours.